Looking for (private) accommodation in Edinburgh?

02 May

homeIf you have been accepted by Edinburgh Napier, it’s probably time to start thinking about accommodation! Either if you want to apply to the student halls or look for private accommodations, I suggest to start planning your budget and preferred areas.

This link takes you directly to Edinburgh Napier’s accommodation page, if you would like to check it out.

I’ve never personally experienced Edinburgh Napier students accommodations, but I’ve had many friends living there. Locations are very good, though hygiene may be challenging at times based on your flatmates. In students accommodation you’re gonna have your own room, which is usually very nice and cute, and your own key to the room. You’re gonna be sharing kitchen and bathroom and the flat itself is reasonably spacious. Something to be aware of is flat parties: if you’re not a massive party animal, perhaps you should look into private accommodations, either through Gumtree or other private agencies e.g. Dunpark. The reason I’m saying that is because flat parties are kind of popular….and if you need your hours of sleep, well…sometimes they’re hard to get 😛 But living in student halls is a great experience, so this shouldn’t really put you off from applying.

As for private accommodations, I recommend you to start looking for it as soon as you can because it can be very challenging finding something both affordable and close to campus. The average price per month you’re gonna spend is around £300 (bills excluded), though it can variate considerably based on the area of the flat. I’ve got friends living in Leith who use their monthly bus pass to go to campus, and friends who live 5 minutes from campus by foot. I live very close to campus myself, but I experienced living a bit further away my previous years. If you think you’re gonna need to live close to campus, I’d strongly suggest you to live in areas like Bruntsfield, Morningside, and Tollcross. However, prices can be quite high. Don’t exclude the New Town, although this may mean taking the bus to go to uni (but you’re very close to the core of Edinburgh e.g. Princes Street, George Street & Royal Mile). Also Leith is a very popular area for students, and rents can be considerably lower. If you’re gonna be based on Sighthill Campus, it can be quite a tricky situation because it’s a bit farther out from the general donwtown area. However, I still suggest you to get a flat in downtown, and take a bus in the morning. It can take up to 10mins-an hour to get to campus (mainly on rainy days), but at least you’d be living in the core of the city, where all the cool things happen 🙂 You would need to take the bus no. 35 to get to campus and back, so even if it’s a bit far you’d still be well connected. As for finding a room, you can either do it by yourself through Gumtree or through private agencies. I personally had very bad experiences with Alba Residential and Fineholm, so I’d strongly suggest you to stay away from them. Also, beware that your student status may make your research harder because many landlords do not want to rent their places to students based on insurance reasons or previous negative experiences. Also, my negative experience with Alba Residential include being told that ‘first comes first served’, being the first to come and yet being refused in favor of a couple of ‘professionals’ because they were looking into a year-long contract, whereas I was looking into 6 months with my flatmate. So do not trust agencies when they tell you ‘first comes first served’: waking up at 6am in the morning to be the first one to ge to the agency does not guarantee you a place. On the other hand, we had really good service with Dunpark, Help4Letting and Albany Lettings.Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 6.55.59 PM

Another alternative is looking for host families. This was my option for first year and I’d do it all over again. I’ve had the chance to meet great people who I can call ‘my family’. It was such an enriching experience, and I am sure I’ll always be able to call them ‘my family’ even after leaving Edinburgh!


So please do get in touch if you’d like to know more about accommodations, I am open to tell you more about my experience! 🙂



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